Exklusiv artikel- Fairooz Tamimi om Herbert Felixinstitutet

Läs Fairooz Tamimis exklusiva artikel som inviger faktadelen på vår nya hemsida. Tamimi berättar sin historia och lyfter fram Herbert Felixinstitutet som framtida nyckelaktör för utlandsfödda entreprenörers väg in i det svenska samhället. Det största problemet idag är att det saknas information om vilken kunskap och erfarenheter nyanlända i Sverige har. Vilka företag har de bedrivit i hemlandet? Fairooz Tamimi menar att vi saknar dessa värdefulla sammanställningar.   

Self-driven, risk takers who want to start a new life

In a pre study that I conducted in 2015, funded by Region Skåne, to assess the existing potential among foreign born entrepreneurs living in Skåne, I was not surprised to see the difficulties that the entrepreneurs were facing in starting their own businesses in one of the regions that provide excellent resources to encourage entrepreneurship.

I experienced myself many of these difficulties as someone who came with 20 years of experience and a degree in engineering, but regardless of my qualifications, I found it very hard to start. Language was only one barrier but also the lack of access to business networks and the lack of understanding the laws, regulation, and the Swedish business context were the most important barriers I faced.

One of the main problem I see now is the lack of information about about the new comers. What expertise are they bringing in, what businesses they have been running before they come to Sweden. There is not a single repository of information about the entrepreneurs with foreign background.

Many skills that are needed in Sweden exist within the new comers. Many of them are self-driven, they are risk takers and they want to start a new life, making better life for their children. The recent comers to Sweden are highly educated (more than 54%) and 60% speak English. When they start a business they are more likely to hire from among their ethnic group which makes less foreign born far away from the labour market.

Another problem is that many projects are started to target the new comers and help them establish their businesses but I don’t see enough involvement of the new comers in designing these programs and initiatives. They need to participate in defining the needed support for them. Lack of their input into the policies and structure is something that can be easily solved by making a decision to include them in the whole process.

Also, those who come to Sweden have also contacts with their home countries. This are many business opportunities if we look at them as ambassadors for Sweden in their origin business environment and a tool to grow businesses that connect Sweden to the World.

An organization Like Herbert Felix Institute can play a key role in integrating the foreign born entrepreneurs by making them a source of information for better business growth, and by playing a coordination role between different key actors such as Migration Board, Arbetsförmedlingen and the innovation system among others.

Sweden has many refugees and immigrants who can make Sweden a better place for entrepreneurs from all over the world, only if they were given the chance to contribute and only if we listen to their real needs to grow their businesses.

Fairooz Tamimi